We take pride in the strong work relationships we have with our clients; a relationship based on our ability to offer continuity in supply, quality and size of our produce. From small retailers through global chains, we welcome all our clients to visit our facilities and experience of our packing houses.

Our name carries out from the field to the market

egyptian export center clients know that they can rely on us to supply any size order in a timely and orderly fashion. When our produce is delivered to your doorstep, you know you are receiving the highest quality fresh produce our land can offer.

egyptian export center understands the unique needs of every market and client. Our extensive solutions in sorting, packaging and shipping make us the ideal partner to work with.

The greatest produce in the world

egyptian export center offers a wide selection of vegetables, fruit and citrus. We work on a regular basis in conjunction with the local authorities and research institutes, allowing us to keep our finger on the global pulse and adapt to changes in market demands. Our market agreements and professional guidance from leading consultants allow us to focus on developing new species and continue to be the market leader.

Our offering of organic produce grows from year to year. egyptian export center meets all international requirements of the retailers and organic organizations and is monitored by global and local authorities.
Our organic produce we chose it from the best farms in dedicated fields which are carefully selected and monitored by us.