From the farm to customers

Egyptian export center is strength is in its integration. Since the majority of the orchards are controlled by Egyptian export center, we have our finger on the pulse every single stage of the way. When it comes to quality control and supply, our deep integration from the farm to the customers allows us to offer the highest quality produce and service at every step of the process.

We know exactly what comes in and what is shipped out

Egyptian export center packaging houses closely monitors all raw materials and produce that comes into its packaging houses – down to the finest resolution. Every fruit, citrus and vegetable is carefully selected and allocated to a specific client – giving us the flexibility to offer specific produce and packaging solutions for each individual client.

Our packaging houses are on the forefront of cutting edge technology using the best systems to make the logistical process as efficient as possible. The advanced best sorting systems allow us to finely classify the fruit according to color and size – that way our clients know that they will receive exactly what they ordered.

Packaged to perfection

Egyptian export center specializes in all styles and sizes of packaging – from large size containers for shipping, through uniquely designed packages ready to be opened in the end consumer’s home. Our ability to offer the widest variety of packaging solutions for all clients, while knowing what is in every single package – down to what plot the produce came from, makes us one of the most trusted growers and exporters in the world.