Reaching the customers as fresh as it was picked

Egyptian export center logistical team is the beating heart of the global operations system which assures that all our produce reaches its destination in the most efficient way at the fastest pace in order to maximize its shelf life.

By working with all shipping companies, Egyptian export center has the flexibility to be competitive, effective and economic when transporting its produce. We build individual logistical solutions for every particular client, determining the method of transport, timing and packaging. The excellent work relationship we have with all the shipping companies allows us to offer a wide range of shipping solutions for each client, while monitoring each container every step of the way. The produce is accompanied by Egyptian export center personnel all the way to the vessel/aircraft and is picked up on location by the local Egyptian export center office personnel, making sure that you receive the produce as fresh as it was when it was picked.

The deep integration between all functions in the process from the farm to the customers allows Egyptian export center n to align every single stage in perfect timing in order make sure that the journey from the branch to fridge ends in perfect freshness.