Verity Description Packing
NAVEL The Navel is the first orange on the market, ripening between December and February. With its characteristic round shape and deep orange hue, the easy-to-peel navel is one of the most popular varieties worldwide.
BALADI Baladi oranges between December and January Small to medium sized seedy fruit. it has a smooth and thin skin, well colored and high juice content ,
SWEET ORANGES Sweet oranges have in early season, between December and January. Sweet oranges have excellent flavor, juiciness and very sweet.
SHAMOUTI The seedless Shamouti is the easiest to peel. With a distinctive oval shape, and its excellent flavor, juiciness, aroma, and easy to peel rind. The Shamouti can be enjoyed from January to March,
VALENCIA The Valencia orange is a large orange variety with a smooth and pebbled surface and a semi thick fragrant peel that clings loosely to its segmented and barely seeded flesh. Its flesh, when ripe, is supremely sweet, juicy and tender. Though Valencia oranges’ primary usage is for juicing, they are also used for fresh eating as well
Valencia oranges are a good source of vitamin C, fiber and folate. They also contain antioxidants that help boost immunity
BLOOD ORANGES Blood oranges are small to medium-sized oranges with shapes ranging from perfectly round to more oblong. The bright orange skin of this blood orange is often tinged with a deep red blush. The pith is a stark pale color compared to the intense maroon color of the flesh. Anthocyanin’s present in the flesh of a blood orange are what given the citrus a deep crimson color. Blood oranges are typically less acidic than orange-colored varieties and have a softer flesh.